via 1-on-1 Discussions

Along with high-quality Sravana (systematic study of the scriptures with a guru or a qualified teacher), it is important to do Manana (contemplation upon the teachings to resolve doubts) and Nididhyasana (assimilation of the teachings to remove contrary tendencies).

Discussions with fellow spiritual seekers can help with the process of Manana. Hence one such seeker, who has been studying and practicing Vedanta full-time for many years, would love to offer his time for 1-on-1 discussion sessions online.

These sessions can range anywhere from a simple chat to resolving doubts to discussing best practices or anything related to Vedanta. This is irrespective of where you are on the journey — you could just be getting started, or you might have been studying/practicing for a while but still not convinced and facing obstacles, or you might be much ahead but it is still not a living reality for you. The real answers and stabilization will only come from within but some external pointing-out can be helpful.

If interested, please feel free to reserve any of the available slots below. All sessions will be held online over a video call using Google Meet.